Frequently Asked Questions

An informed decision is a smarter decision. Below we answer some typical early stage questions about smart borrowing and how we do it.


We’re very happy to talk to you about more questions you may have.


We can talk by phone or set up a video call, just get in touch.


We can also refer you to one of our accredited mortgage brokers for more detailed questions about your needs and requirements.

ORDE is a specialist non-bank lender providing a comprehensive range of mortgage loans to help Australians on their financial journey. We’re backed by Wingate a leading Australian lending and investment business, with more than $11.5bn of financed property transactions.

Everyone’s financial journey is different so it only makes sense to offer a broad range of flexible loans. You can see many loans types under our Borrowers page, but the key to ORDE is understanding what we call the “Five C’s”; your character, capacity, credit, collateral and conditions that structure the loan. If we can understand how these work for you, we’ve got a lot of flexibility to consider your proposition, including loans that don’t fit the listed categories.

To assist in assessing your needs and requirements and to simplify your application process, ORDE utilises a national network of accredited mortgage brokers.

We can get you in touch with one in your area.

The amount you can borrow will depend on your income and financial circumstances and on the property you propose to borrow against.

We offer a range of calculators to assist you testing your income and circumstances.

As a general rule, the maximum we will lend is up to 80% of the value of residential property and 75% for commercial property.

To assess your suitability for an ORDE loan we need to get an understanding of your financial position, including your income.

Documents that are required to verify your income are:


If you are a PAYG employee:

    • Two current pay slips plus one of the following:

    • Notice of Assessment (Australian Tax Office)

    • Group Certificate (Employer)

    • Three months bank statements or

    • Employment letter.

If you are Self-Employed:


    • Two years financials and tax returns OR

    • If your most recent years financials aren’t available, either a combination of your most recent BAS statements or business trading statements, or a prescribed certificate from your accountant.

ORDE has a range of interest rates across its standard loans offerings. We do need to know some detail about your application to be more specific.

Factors that may impact upon your final rate include:

  • Type of property available for security

  • Your source of income

  • Your credit history

  • Total amount borrowed compared to your property value (LVR).

At ORDE we understand the challenges that can be faced in running your business and that timely access to funding can be critical. That’s why our quick to access loans can assist with a variety of business purposes.


  •  Purchase new Commercial premises – both standalone and within your SMSF

  •  Cash out for business expansion

  •  Payout business debts including the ATO

  •  Alternative income verification available to suit your business.

Very commonly we can. Our credit assessment is tailored to ensure the loan you’re seeking today will help you reach your future goals and that we can find solutions to move beyond recent life events and circumstances that you may have encountered.

ORDE flexibility includes:


  •  Paid and unpaid defaults considered

  •  Late payments and arrears considered

  •  Discharged bankrupts considered

Yes we understand the importance of being prepared before making a decision to purchase. We will fully assess your preapproval for finance.

Yes ORDE can consider a range of differing borrowing structures depending on your objectives, be it company, trust or within SMSF.

Talk with your broker and discuss with your accountant what might be the most appropriate structure for your needs.