ORDE Financial is helping brokers grow, develop, and diversify, and be ready for ‘Spring action’ – 20 September 2022

ORDE Financial is helping brokers grow, develop, and diversify, and be ready for ‘Spring action’ – 20 September 2022

ORDE Financial 


One of Australia’s fastest growing non-bank lenders, ORDE Financial is helping brokers
grow, develop, and diversify their business and is ready to support them over Spring to
navigate the real estate market.


ORDE Financial’s National Distribution Executive, Lee Prior said, “we uniquely understand
brokers need a fast lender partner who moves just as quickly as they do. So, we’ve made
some changes to demonstrate our commitment to their teams, and the efforts brokers make
to help their customers realise their home ownership dreams and commercial property goals


Our Commercial product suits borrowers looking for a flexible and straight-forward solution,
with LVRs up to 75%, maximum lending up to $2 million, with some great refreshed
competitive rates, and 30-Year Loan Terms with no annual reviews, which, alongside our
newly launched Residential fee waiver campaign, means that we’re able to keep pace to
support brokers over this key financial period in the year.”


The ORDE Commercial advantage is:

ORDE helping borrowers save

Supporting brokers and borrowers with the Power of One
Timely access to finance is essential when borrowers are in the market for a home or
commercial property. This is important during the busy Spring period, and that’s why ORDE
offers brokers:

ORDE Financial already offers a wide range of Residential, Commercial and SMSF lending
products. Next year, we will be launching a new mobile broker portal, alongside our existing
borrower portal (look for MyORDE at your app store), to further enhance our broker
experience and digital capabilities.


*Things you need to know: Eligible applications must be submitted before 30 November
2022. Residential application fee waived on loan amounts up to $1M when settled with a
minimum $350K commercial loan. Standard application fee payable on any differential
above $1m. Available across Prime and Near Prime borrowers. Both Residential and
Commercial applications must have a common borrower or guarantor and applies to loans
submitted for assessment at the same time. Lending Criteria, Terms and Conditions apply.

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