Fast Five Interview with Craig Meale Senior BDM NSW – 8 December 2022

Fast Five Interview with Craig Meale Senior BDM NSW – 8 December 2022

In our latest Fast 5 interview series we get to know Craig Meale, Senior BDM from NSW!


What are you passionate about? Music, interests etc.


In my spare time I’m a bit of a music buff and like collecting coins. Only a few would know I play the guitar and collect vinyl records. I have a large music collection of most genres from the 50’s to now (except country music). Outside of that, I love spending time with my 4 daughters and wife.


What dynamic attributes do you bring to the BDM role?


I bring big energy, a direct approach to lending, and 20 years’ non-bank sector experience which I draw upon to help educate my partners and colleagues. Financial Services is generally a serious subject, when dealing with financial matters for customers, I bring fun and engagement to the role. I believe you need to be able to connect to make the people feel good around you, my aim is to end every encounter with a smile!


What made you make the career change to join ORDE?


When I first heard of ORDE, I was inspired by the skill of the leaders and their can-do attitude to broker solutions. I thought, wow, ORDE is doing things differently and have the knowledge to back themselves. In the early days, I was ORDE employee number 8 or 9 to join the business. This was a great opportunity to be working on the ground with brokers, where the potential for growth was immense. The team readily absorb ideas to support an environment where we can question the status quo. I reflect on my past two years at ORDE and have to say it was the best decision I ever made!


How do you see ORDE as a great fit for a broker business model?


ORDE partners with brokers and takes their feedback to continuously improve and evolve. We are a broker-built business and don’t chase direct customers which eliminates channel conflict. Brokers require solutions and speed in this ever-changing environment. We also workshop deals with our skilled scenario team and assist with packaging deals for brokers, so their onboarding experience is positive. Ultimately, we are a good fit due to our broad lending product range across residential, commercial, SMSF, highest and best use, retained stock and bridging loans. We are open to a variety of income, and security types to provide brokers with a genuine alternative to the banks.


If you weren’t an amazing BDM, what job would you covet and why?


When I first left school, I did an apprenticeship in painting and decorating. However, I got bored of white walls, so I decided to join a finance company and get an office job. If I wasn’t a BDM, I would have been in the construction game. I was always fascinated with creating and building things.