Fast Five Interview with Cameron Finnie Senior BDM WA/SA – 3 February 2023

Fast Five Interview with Cameron Finnie Senior BDM WA/SA – 3 February 2023

Welcome to 2023!


Our February Fast 5 interview series kicks-off with Cameron Finnie, Senior Business Development Manager from WA/SA!



Cameron, tell us about your passions?


I love Carlton Football Club, fishing, camping, golf, gardening, and travel. I also love watching live sport, especially the AFL, MMA, cricket, and golf.


What would be your dream job if you were not an amazing BDM?


I almost became a marine biologist because I love scuba diving, fishing and the water. I would have loved to spend the day at the beach and get paid for it!


Tell me about your typical day?


I like routine, so I have a coffee before I do anything in the morning. This kick starts my day and gets me in the right frame of mind. Then, I read the news and catch up on overnight sports results.


I open my laptop about 7.30 am and check emails. My first appointment for the day is usually at about 10.00 am and I tend to book in around three appointments each morning, hopefully at a café.


Then, I head back to the home office around 2.00 pm and respond to emails that have come in. I try to do calls with brokers and credit when I’m driving between appointments.


 What dynamic attributes do you bring to the BDM role?


I love helping people and trying to solve more complex scenarios. Our job can be high paced and high pressure. So, a little bit of humour also goes a long way to alleviate the stress of working in finance.


The BDM role has both simple and complex aspects. I try to do the simple things well, such as answering emails and phone calls in a timely manner. That’s crucial to a successful BDM and broker relationship. Understanding brokers have clients waiting on an outcome is extremely important to me because it aligns me with their needs.


What prompted you to join ORDE Financial?


I’ve worked in specialist lending since my first job in finance in the early 1990s, most of that working with mortgage brokers. ORDE complements my experience with a market focus and team culture specifically based on delivering brokers exceptional service standards across a wide product set.


I’m delivering the best results across my broker relationships I’ve ever been able to, which after nearly 30 years gives me a lot of satisfaction. I’ve also learnt so much since joining ORDE through the many different scenarios I’ve worked through with brokers. It’s incredible how we’re able to find solutions to all sorts of difficult deals.


 Why is ORDE Financial a great fit for brokers?


All brokers should keep ORDE in their kit bag because specialist deals are going to come across your desk, and you need a ‘go to’ lender who can find solutions to difficult deals traditional lenders decline and do it efficiently, with your time and experience at front of mind. ORDE has a wealth of specialist lending experience at all levels of the team and a can-do attitude to getting deals done.


Why is ORDE Financial special?


ORDE was established with a core objective of improving brokers’ experience of specialist lending and that’s special. Our top two objectives are delivering the ORDE Broker Experience and One Lending Team. The team’s starting experience means a lot of basic business components which new, and even existing, lenders struggle with, like product range, solution flexibility, credit skills and strong inhouse funding programs, ORDE has had in hand from launch in 2020. This frees the business up to focus on fundamental changes required to improve all brokers’ experience sustainably, and more broadly in a range of ways.